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We are proudly associated with crescent events - professional Indian organizer ... therefore we can assure on the companies efficiency to service all our beloved clients

- Great Organize, Thailand


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Nov 22,2010 | More big fat Indian weddings heading to Thailand


February 16,2011 | Royal wedding: Rise of the wedding planner


September 3,2007 | Most expensive wedding dress

Great Organize Co Ltd.

“Great” Words by our international partners:

Great Organize has been established in 2008 … with the inspiration by our own Executive's Passion (Mrs. Jidapa Silsook) for Indian culture and love for international arts.

We are proudly associated with Crescent EventsWe are proudly associated with Crescent Events – a professional Indian Organizer...therefore we can assure on the company's efficiency to service all our beloved clients. Great Organize has arranged great wedding, great birthday party, and great conference for our Indian clients. Our Great intention is to fulfill the clients' desire and welcome them just like they were home.

Our first function was to produce a Bollywood show for the Indian wedding in Thailand and the feedback was magnificent. this memory lasts forever.

With Great, we are happy to create a dream wedding with a warmest welcome for every couple as one of our own family's member. Great Staffs have a very great perception on the Indian tradition, procedure, and personality. So we can fully assist with our great services and advises.

"Great minds think Alike" is an idiom which people normally say when “Great people thinking the same thing or similar ways at the same time”... So please come along with us … sharing your mind, let's thinking, and having a Great moment together!