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The Honeymoon Hotlist

For your honeymoon to rock, you need to plan in advance. Choosing the destination of your choice in discussion with your would-be spouse is of course, the first step you have to take. It can be a destination you have wished to be at as a married couple; it could be a romantic sojourn; a picturesque foreign locale; an offbeat discovery or an adventure hotspot. Whatever be your choice, you are sure to have a good time amidst the serence charm of your first-time romance. But, there are things you need to pack in your honeymoon trolley before taking off so that you carry the must-haves without a miss and also a few things to remember.

Place-appropriate Fashion

If you are haeding for the sand and sun delights, read, the beaches -- ladies, do not forget to carry your beach tote, sun hats, flip flop, swim wear - bikins, tankinis, kaftans, floral skirts and dresses, gypsy skirts with tops, bandanas and chunky pieces of jewellery with loads of beads.

If you are off to a snow-clad destination, then carry your fashionable and protective woollens. Trench coats, suede pumps and heels, jackets in bright shades, embellished sweaters/cardigans if you like. If you want to flaunt traditional elegance in its modern form, then a finely embellished Pashmina or a shawl-saree available at many designer outlets will strike the deal for you.

If you are heading to a royal destination in India, then, carrying a few of your sophisticate trousseau buys steeped in heavy craftsmanship would be a nice idea for the evening soirees and the musical nights. Indo-western gowns would be a perfect idea for candlelight dinners. If your pick is a cultural/arty seat like Rome or Greece (among many others), then you can go imaginative. Structured dresses, skirts in solid colours paired with Indo-western tops, modern saris, churidars paired with long kurtis, slim pants paired with belts and womanly shirts can give you the desired look.

Last but not the least, do carry a lot of comfort wear. You are most likely to get adventure sports gear at the concerned places. If you are going for a wildlife safari, remember to ban shades like hot pink, purple, the ravishing maroons and the like from your luggage, instead, think the forest greens, desert browns and khakhi.

Handy Utilities and a Stylish Kitty

It's your honeymoon, so do not forget to carry sexy nightwear and lingerie. But make sure you carry your size and style. Seductive they can be, but not stifling or tacky. Try experimental and beautiful colours and feminine shapes.

Do not forget to carry waterproof makeup, a handy blusher, a concealer, a stick-on gloss and brusher kohl. Makeup items that are easy to use and carry should without having to worry about their spilling over are the best options. Also add a hair detangler, leave on hair serum, a handheld mirror to your list.

Timely Tips

If you are allergic to any food item, then make sure to ask the ingredients of a dish, which may be new to you, before tasting it, or mention, that you won't have that particular thing.

You can carry your favourite book or tune in to your favourite tunes, but, remember, this is really a moonlit phase in your couple life. so, make the most of it.

Travel light and easy. You do not need to carry your world with you.

Bring back loads of photographs, and if possible, diary notes or a travelogue-of-sorts.

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Nikita Sharma, wedding planner in Delhi, has been in wedding and event management. She has published articles in various magazines, including indian wedding, royal wedding, organizes dream events.

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