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The Bride and the best wishes

More often than not, we do not pause to thank people around us for their being such a support system for us. But, coming to think of it, life would have been quite a whirlwind without their unconditional love and care. After a few days of my marriage, sitting by the large bay window of my room, when I was flipping through our adorable wedding album, I was startled at how the faces of people in the snapshots brought back vivid images from my marriage. As if someone had let loose the stream of my thoughts as they became alive with a tactile sensation to the recollections these images stirred up. Take my best pal, for instance -- the born stylist with a flair for designs, colours and yes, my happiness. She had made umpteen number of trips to the store from where I had finally purchased my bridal lehenga. To make sure the fittings were perfect, to put more sequins on the dupatta as per my wish, to soften the colour patch on the border etc etc, also not to forget, picking up my favourite cold coffee from a Khan Market coffee outlet on the way. My 'your-wish-is-my-command' jiju (brother-in-law), a chef by profession, had personally adminstered the process of executing each dish from the menu. And the sweetest of all gestures was to create the sinful black forest rasgulla cake, simply for me. My cousins and my dearest sis, who were standing like my maids-of-honours while the makeup artist was dabbing different layers of eye shadow on the upper flap of my eye; ready with orange juice for me to sip on from time to time, one giving an occasional massage to my tired back and others were busy making sure that I was not feeling hot, nervous, anxious, overstrained, hungry, etc etc... Not to forget, the young girl, who was assigned by my florist to decorate the customised bouquets as per the layout I had laid down. Then, my aunts -- who were constantly coordinating with the diligent trousseau packers and crossing out the items from the final trousseau and gifts list as soon as they were getting wrapped.

I could sense it. Everyone was pampering me in varying degrees. My parents wanted me to smile -- albeit with tears in their eyes. Everyone had little-to-large butterflies in their stomachs thinking I would be flying away from my nest soon. They also had bouquet full of good wishes for me. So that the then bride-to-be could start on her journey with dreams in her heart. Thanks to all of you...for the many thankless yet priceless gestures.

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Nikita Sharma, wedding planner in Delhi, has been in wedding and event management. She has published articles in various magazines, including indian wedding, royal wedding, organizes dream events.

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